Much more used and a direct derivative of basic twill, balanced twill. This is a double-faced twill, which is obtained from plain twill-weave, of equal ratio, by adding crossing points to the foundation points, so that the full squares are the same as the empty ones.// The smallest balanced-twill has a ratio of four yarns and four wefts. It is considered to be an essential weaving pattern since, although following a diagonal line similar to herringbone weave, there are always two diagonals that are equally marked on the cloth and the outer side is the same as the reverse, as opposed to what happens in all the simple or derived twill weaves. With balanced twill you get a significant number of colourations, including checked cloth, with the simple use of strips of yarns// and wefts in different colours. Among the most important woven designs are the simple//, birdseye, houndstooth, Prince of Wales, herringbone, and so on.