The most common phrase is French gabardine. Combed combed fabric, in batavia armor, rarely in 3 heavy saws, obtained with very fine and well-twisted yarns. In the latter case the fabric is named "levantine gabardine". The structure is very tight, with shapes more marked on the right than on the reverse and very inclined due to reductions: the warp has a double density with respect to the weft. It is made of wool, mixed wool, pure cotton or mixed with tecnofibres, etc., with very variable weights that allow you to get items for every season, suitable for clothes, pants, skirts, overcoats, raincoats etc. For custom in wool gabardine, the coasts range from bottom to top and from left to right, from cotton to bottom and right to left. The gabardine is distinguished from the levantine because it has the diagonal marked both on the right and the reverse; In the Levantine, the coast is evident only in the law.