Plain weave

It's the simplest webbing, consisting of a two-threaded and two-threaded armor ratio. Since the number of squares filled is equal to the number of empty squares, the fabric right is the same as the reverse. Equal conditions canvas fabric is the most robust of all because it has the largest number of twisting points between wires and plots. For the same reason, however, the surface of the fabric is granular and not polished, and it is also the lightest of all, because the wires between them and the plots between them can not be approached until they touch, as between wire and wire, It is always a weave that runs through the middle and between the plot and the texture always passes a thread. It is very much used in the cotton field for the manufacture of blankets, linen, etc. In the laniero field is used in cloths, fresh fabrics and Scottish fantasies for light feminine clothing.