It's the sheep veal product. It is called lamb if it is produced by lambs, matricina from the sheep they have already littered; Of tose if it is obtained from the sheep by trimming, tanning, by depilation of the skins of dead or slaughtered sheep; It sucks if it is still covered with the natural fat of the sheep and other slags, crude if it is not yet finished and finished, bistos when sheep are buried twice a year. Jumped when the wool is washed on the sheep's body making it jump into the water of a stream, regenerated or mechanically, if recovered by the filth of the rags or the waste of the workmanship. We recall that it is officially called only the product deriving from the shearing of the sheep. So cashmere, mohair, camel, vicuna, knife and alpaca are special fibres not protected in Italy and in the EEC countries with the ""Pura Lana Vergine"" brand. "